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  5. Finding Unconditional Love: A Little Peace at a Time

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The book, while not at all cathartic, was a means to helping others through their own struggles. The anecdotes I wrote about, all of the issues had been resolved, because of that, I was not reliving the pain, I was remembering it. I had found my spiritual help and had passed the agony of the time. JS: About 8 years ago, I wanted to start an online church.

A Little Peace - Nicole Flieg_[가사, 歌詞, Lyrics]

I had the license, I wanted to help others and found that what I was missing was seeing and ministering to actual people! It was a way to encourage everyone to seek out their spiritual lives. We all come and discuss our lives, our experiences, how spirituality and unconditional love help us accept ourselves, others and get us to grow. But it was either I forgave him or become a victim. I will never be a victim; I will always be a victor. That we are all more than our physical beings and we all are infinite in our ability to love unconditionally.

The most influential though is my partner of 33 years, Laura Flynn.

Unconditional Love

She truly taught me the most about unconditional love and has supported me throughout all of my ups and downs, highs and lows. What was wrong with me? Needless to say, the gun did not go off.

All I know is that I had watched Brent put the pistol together and then take it apart, and put one portion of the gun in one drawer, and the other in another drawer. When Brent came home, he asked me why the gun was out, and I made up some excuse about wanting to fire it in the back yard to see what it was like… the back yard of the home his parents had bought for us as a wedding present. He did not question my explanation as he took the gun apart; I was very good at hiding the truth of my real crisis, so he believed me.

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Of course, nobody understood. How could they, neither did I. Well, not all; I knew guilt. I never wanted anyone to think I had married him for his money; I had not married him for his money; he was a good person — I loved him as a person, but I had come to know that I could never be in love with Brent. - About Jeanne Sanner

Time in the physical world is always linear, and is, of course, measured by the rotation of the earth around the sun, but time has many facets. Philosophically speaking, I see time as merely a man-made measurement of change; if there were no change, there would be no time. My time with Brent changed me. Time in the mental world is not linear at all nor dependent on change. Some people have experienced moments that seemed like an eternity and hours that seemed like minutes.

Time in the mental world is measured by the degree of the intensity of our focus. Time in the emotional world is not linear, nor is it dependent on change or focus. Some of us have been marinated in a tragic moment from childhood that seeps into too many hours of each day, and some of us have had fleeting moments of joy we wish would last forever.

Finding Unconditional Love - A Little ''Peace'' at a Time -

Time in the emotional world is measured by our attachments. Unconditional love for the imperfect me, the hurting, lost, unloved child; the desperate woman I had grown to be, who sought for the definition of my worth through everyone else but myself. I thought I would find it in another human being who would be the love of my life because I never had it from my parents.

I craved unconditional love but I never loved unconditionally because I never knew it in myself.

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  8. When I dropped the search and surrendered, it simply unfolded. I realized my true love had been right here all along, within me. It was me, in my purest form, when all my layers of pain and perceptions had dropped. There was no more hole, for I had found my true and divine love, and this love now overflows not from lack but from abundance.

    Finding Unconditional Love: A Little Peace at a Time

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