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Inside the Planar Sphere
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Terms of Use. Contact the MathWorld Team. The Earth is flat. A further five per cent said they thought the Earth was round but had recently had doubts. Karen Douglas is a social psychologist at the University of Kent and has been studying conspiracy belief for around a decade. Essentially, the universe is full of unresolved questions. Daffodils had recently sprung up in the adjacent hedgerows. I stepped off the bus with the only other remaining passenger and shortly afterwards met Heather, who greeted me with a firm handshake.

He invited me to his flat, a modest bedsit above a village pub, where he told me about his journey into Flat Earth. In August , Heather was browsing YouTube when he stumbled across Flat Earth Clues , a part series which describes the Earth as a circular disc, enclosed by a giant dome and surrounded at the circumference by an ice wall.

As the series unfolded, Heather learned that the stars, the sun and the moon do not exist and are actually projections upon the dome. A cover-up has been imposed ever since. I was stunned.

Inside The Sphere: Tracks on Beatport

It felt right in my gut. Many others, like Heather, cited Flat Earth Clues as their introduction.

Heather told me Flat Earth theory has moved on significantly since the series was published in When I asked YouTube about efforts to tackle misinformation on its platform, the company emailed me a statement. We know there's more to do and we are always looking to improve. Mark Sargent, the year-old American behind Flat Earth Clues , has become a minor celebrity as interest in the topic has escalated. Formerly a professional video gamer and software consultant, Sargent now makes a full-time living from Flat Earth by earning money from his YouTube channel, a radio show and a book based on his video series.

Electric Field of Point Charge

He said he was deeply sceptical about Flat Earth at first, but became a convert when he was unable to debunk the theory. It was Saturday night at the convention and there was a keen sense of anticipation in the conference hall.

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A mysterious structure was draped in tablecloths in the centre of the room and headliner Martin Kenny was almost ready to present his vision of the universe. Kenny described a recurring theme of the Earth being vast and there being many other worlds. He apologised to the Flat Earthers in the audience for taking so long. Then, the big reveal. The tablecloths fell to the floor and the audience took to its feet, craning heads for a closer look.

Silver Legacy Resort Casino, Reno

It was undoubtedly an impressive creation. The Earth was depicted as a circular disc, comprised of four concentric rings, each divided by an ice wall painstakingly crafted from what looked like white duct tape.

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LEDs represented the stars, embedded in another disc, held above the Earth by four poles, which appeared to be table legs commandeered from office furniture. Between the two discs, glowing spheres were suspended from strips of clear plastic bent in arches over the Earth.

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At least, the spheres were meant to be glowing. Undeterred, he began to explain his model. This is an idea. This is a hypothesis. Audience members approached the model for a closer look.

Thanks for reading another Billy Penn story

A group formed around Kenny, peppering him with questions. At one point, he speculated that the North Pole may have given the Nazis access to Hollow Earth [the concept proposing a habitable world inside our planet]. It was difficult to see where the lecture could go from there, but when Kenny resumed, it became clear he was just warming up. Later, I reviewed my frantically scribbled notes. Kenny predicted that Nasa would finally leave Earth and colonise Mars. Kenny remembered an announcement from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in January that the Doomsday Clock, which provides a symbolic countdown to a man-made apocalypse, had been set at two minutes to midnight.

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