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Sarah Kelly - Living Hallelujah Songtext
  1. Living Hallelujah
  2. A Living Hallelujah - Church of the Resurrection Blue Springs Sermons (podcast) | Listen Notes
  3. Central United Methodist Church (Knoxville, TN)
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Living Hallelujah

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I walk down the winding path into the sun. Dragonflies zip by in tandem and a hawk circles above.

My eyes are fully open — I soak it all in. Golden hay lines the asphalt. Sun shine makes my path glow. I am finally on the right path — Hallelujah!

A Living Hallelujah - Church of the Resurrection Blue Springs Sermons (podcast) | Listen Notes

They must have struck a secret cord, because my feet move faster. Tears stream down my face, ugly crying as I travel barefoot. Unsure if I am touching the ground. I circle one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in America — in awe.

Central United Methodist Church (Knoxville, TN)

This is my life — Hallelujah! I run up hill, feet never touching the ground.

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The Sun warms my skin — Hallelujah! All of my senses — overwhelmed with gratitude. Hallelujah — Hallelujah — Hallelujah! Twin girls in matching blue shirts sit on their front porch blowing bubbles.

Their yellow lab sits obediently between them at the front door. They wave as I pass. American flags sway from brick houses on on both sides of the street.

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Wholly Alive Hallelujah! Health Retreat & Vegan B&B

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