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PDF ePub eBook. This title is New Adult with graphic language and sexual situations, as well as references to past child abuse and sexual assault. The eyes never lie. Only you the mephisto covenant 3 epub. You can create new environment of the life future.

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Although Only You is third in the Mephisto Covenant series, it is a stand- alone book. They were human collateral damage, a tragic loss in a bigger war. It was an accident, a riot designed to purge. All downloaded files are checked. Author: Stephanie Feagan. He' s got a meeting in Lansing. No one' s eyes are darker than Eryx' s.

Chapter 6

Snyder I read the first 3 books in this series a few years ago, and just finished listen. Author of The Mephisto Covenant series " Hauntingly. Seeking a solace that only time and distance. Too, now, the winter over, he could bring his numerous mercenaries together again, recalling their standards from a dozen winter camps. Insignia such as armbands, scarves, ribbons and plumes, of given colors, serve to identify them, making clear their side. Needless to say, such casual devices may be swiftly changed, the colors sometimes alternating with the tides of battle.

Many mercenary companies consist of little more than rabbles of armed ruffians, others, like those of Dietrich of Tarnburg, Pietro Vacchi and Raymond, of Rive-de-Bois, are crack troops, as professional as warriors of Ar or Cosian regulars.

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In dealing with mercenaries, it is extremely important to know the sort of mercenaries with which one is dealing. That can make a great deal of difference, both with respect to tactics and strategy. More than one regiment of regular troops has been decimated as a result of their commanders having taken a mercenary foe too lightly. With respect to switching sides, given the fortunes of the day, incidentally, the "turncoat," so to speak, to use the English expression, is not unknown on Gor. A tunic may be lined with a different color.

The tunic may then, after dark, for example, be turned inside out. Such tunics, however, are seldom worn on Gor. For one thing, a fellow found wearing one is usually impaled, by either side. They have been used, of course, for infiltration purposes, much like civilian garb, false uniforms, and such. It was only when the ground had shaken near me, and I had spun half about, almost buffeted by a saddle tharlarion, and saw the running mercenary caught between the shoulder blades with the point of the lance, thrown then to the dust, rolling and bloody, and saw the tharlarion trampling the body, then turning about in a swirl of dust, the rider lifting the bloodstained lance, that I registered the voice I heard.

They would have been identified as being of the party of Cos, of course, by their recently affixed insignia, in the one case, by the blue armband, in the other case, by the blue scarf. An anger and hatred flooded over me then for the men of Ar, at whose hands I had been so cruelly treated. I hated them then, and in my heart reviled them. Let them perish in the delta then, or at its edges, under the swords of mercenaries, thought I. I recalled Phoebe, the slim young maid of Cos whom I had taken with me, at her request, from the Crooked Tarn.

I had put her in a single slave strip before I had turned her over to Ephialtes, the sutler, to hold for me. He might, by now, I supposed, be in the vicinity of Brundisium. Presumably the balance of Cos' northern forces, mostly mercenaries, would have retired to that city, for mustering out, or reassignment.

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If anything, I would have expected Cosians to be pursuing some poor fugitive from Ar, one trying to escape the delta. Perhaps they were actually Cosians, or mercenaries, dressed to lure in fellows of Ar, and the fellow, himself, might be of Ar, in the uniform of a Cosian. That would make some sense, at any rate. He was next in authority in our small group, after Labienus.

To be sure, they might be all Cosians, or mercenaries, enacting some charade to put us off our guard. By hand signals Plenius deployed our fellows. He then, they fanned out behind him, followed me. In a few moments I caught sight of the runner, and the fellows pursuing him. Oddly, none seem armed.

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  6. They were then, I gathered, not likely, any of them, really, to be Cosians or mercenaries. Although most of them were doubtless fellows from Brundisium, citizens of that polity, there were many others about, as well, in particular, oarsmen from the galleys in the harbor, not far away, and soldiers from the camp outside the walls, mostly mercenaries, on which Cos depends heavily, but some, too, who were apparently regulars.

    She had been overheard making disparaging remarks about a certain city. A mercenary captain from that city, learning of this, saw to it that she was brought naked and in chains into his keeping. The city to which the former Lucilina, the former preferred slave of Myron, the Polemarkos, had been smuggled was Torcadino, then held by the same mercenary captain, Dietrich of Tarnburg, of course.

    This evening I had seen a line of mercenaries, perhaps a hundred in all, with some slaves, mostly pack slaves, some eight or ten of them, approaching Brundisium. The leader of the mercenaries, and several of them, astride their tharlarion, wore wind scarves, rather like those worn in the Tahari, protecting themselves from the dust of the journey. These served, as well, doubtless inadvertently, to conceal their features. I would have thought little of the passage of these mercenaries, what with so many hundreds about, here and there, coming and going, had I not recognized the slave at the leader's stirrup, and, indeed, later, one of the beauteous pack slaves.

    As I stood back, with others, off the road, as they passed, the leader, and the others, would not recognize me. I had made inquiries tonight in Brundisium, of course, to ascertain the whereabouts of these fellows. I learned first what quarter of the city they had entered, and, later, what inns, hotels and taverns they might be patronizing. This was not difficult for most mercenaries in the vicinity of Brundisium were not quartered in the city but in the Cosian camp. Accordingly, they would not be entering the city with their units, but rather, if they entered it at all, as individuals, or in small groups.

    In the group there were fellows from Brundisium, oarsmen, merchants, mercenaries, Cosian regulars, others. All seemed eager to learn what might have occurred.

    I did not see any Cosian officers present, or anyone who looked as though they may be interested in arresting the transmission of this matter. Things would have gone quite smoothly if you had stayed where you were supposed to be. Naturally I assumed it must b e you.

    Guide Mercenary (Entwined Fates Book 6)

    Also I noted that their purses were being emptied. It is all in the contract. He had a regular's disdain for his mercenary counterpart. He had not yet learned to distinguish between mercenary and mercenary. That has been the downfall of several commanders of regular troops. I went to Octantius who now had his hands tied behind his back. A rope was on his neck.

    He and his men were to be placed in throat coffle.

    Release Day Blitz: Arranged (Masters and Mercenaries #13.5) by Lexi Blake

    The leader of the mercenaries hefted the bag of gold in his hand. He looked at Marcus. I was pleased to see that Marcus had formulated a plan for that contingency. You may now be on your way. She was still unconscious. He turned her to her belly with his foot. He then, again with his foot, turned her to her back. He then, with a laugh, tossed the bag of gold to Marcus. Marcus caught the gold against his chest, and clung to it, astonished. The mercenary captain then turned to Marcus. Too, as the mercenaries might still be about or be thought to be about, and the gold was gone, I did not think that we would have much to fear, at least immediately, from that quarter.

    On the other hand, it would be well to move out with expedition. Marcus went to the side, to secure some of his gear. Our first treks would be at night, and we would, at least in this vicinity, avoid roads, paths, waterways, agricultural areas, villages, communities, and such. We would move with something of the stealth and secrecy which we utilized in the delta.

    Later, it would presumably be safe to frequent more civilized areas. Indeed, in time I expected we could travel with impunity, as vagabonds, toward Ar, presumably even on the Viktel Aria, during daylight hours.