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  4. Bloc-notes : libérer la France de sa prison intellectuelle - Liberté d'expression

Sur le Livre:. On ne pourrait pas condenser ce livre en quelques lignes. Sur l'auteur:. Aujourd'hui c'est son fils qui tient l'affaire familiale. C'est un vrai miracle et pas cher!!!! I was in my second year at University A. As we remember it, that street was wide and extremely distinguished, at a certain point there was Groppi where I met with my other university friends to continue the road to enrich our minds and souls!

We talked for about ten minutes and she left. I turned round and found myself in a sewer hole left uncovered probably by careless workers, prisoner from my feet to my hips and unable to move! My white dress was spread out around me with its green zigzag decoration all round the hem making a lovely image!

If I remember well it was in front of the TWA offices and the employees rushed out to help me.


They dragged me out of that hole with difficulty leaving a part of my skin from my ankles onwards to my hips stuck to the hole. The blood was flowing generously! My friend had not even noticed that I had sunk into the sewer hole and had gone about her business. There was nothing else left to do but walk back home with my white skirt stuck to the bruise and the blood decorating it. When I arrived home, my mother — may she rest in peace —screamed: we spoke French at home.

Naturally no trial was brought because everyone knows that in Egypt you would die before knowing the result.

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It took me months to build up a new skin. Not forgetting the agonizing visits to the Jewish hospital to disinfect the wound. A very thick crust gradually covered the wounds. I had the disgusting habit of peeling off the crust every time it formed so that it took longer to heal. Finally after several months, a new skin covered my legs and hips especially leaving my shin with a very thin cigarette-like skin, so that even today it remains a delicate place and the slightest knock provokes an agonizing pain!

And by the way, how did I come to speak to you of this? Because I had fallen on holiday and hurt my elbow that grew a nice thick crust I was trying to pull off. Kan Zaman awi. By Sultana Latifa Suzy Vidal.

September 20, Presidente: Levana Zamir. Youssef Shawki. Echanges Folkloriques et Culturels:. Bourses Scolaires et Universitaires:. Yves Fedida. Pour le Conseil. Association Internationale Nebi Daniel. Cher Mr. Je vous envoie cette nouvelle, sur le livre de J. Pouvez vous le reccomander sur votre site? Bien a vous, Elie Politi.

ISBN: Ano: Formato: 14cm x 23cm.

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I have travelled thousands of miles to earn the right to say what I please, where I please, when I please, how I please I sound like a broken record. Memories of Egypt are memories of our youth with its ups and downs, joys and tears. Nothing wrong with that.

Je suis Charlie / L'Humour à mort (2015) - Trailer (E [...]

Some of us lived in splendid villas; others in modest flats. Some of us spoke French in our homes; others spoke Italian, Arabic,. Spanish, Armenian, Greek But we had one thing in common. We called Egypt home. But, by the same token, we cannot forget the times when we were welcomed, appreciated and respected.

Now it's time to go back to Do'a, even if it gives us heartburn. Certain d'entre nous vivaient dans de magnifiques villas, d'autres dans de modestes appartements. Mais nous avions tous une chose en commun. Paris, le 10 juin Toutefois, lors des interventions, on ne sait jamais qui contacter dans ces listes interminables de contacts. Cela peut servir! Le soleil est magnifique aujourd'hui. C'est vrai donc faites suivre svp. By Suzy Vidal Sultana Latifa. Sometimes in life when you think nothing can bring appeasement to your state of Jewish refugee from an Arab land, a miracle comes about!

I was on my hospital bed, physically suffering like I never had before not to be mistaken with the mental torture we had gone through first in then in , when the Golden Book of our WCJE was brought to me. In three languages if you please: English, French and Hebrew together with a CD of songs that sent goose pimples through me.

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And on that CD, the touching image of youths with their tarbush next to their teacher Mr. Already its coloured and inspiring front-page with the Alexandria Synagogue of Eliahu Hanavi made me feel better. As I turned page after page, my physical pain receded and I found myself comforted by the knowledge and proof that we as Jews from Egypt had succeeded the tour de force of being people who - against all odds - today have their own weight and place in their new land. Success has accompanied those who from scratch and with nothing in hand managed to make a place in the sun.

Be it in Australia , Brazil , the U. And that question still preys on my mind; why did the then rulers of Egypt think they could do better without us? Our schools, hospitals, inventiveness and spirit of enterprise passing from fathers to sons: all those marvellous Jewish names, entrepreneurs and men of conscience. And our love of life! Yes, we Jews from Egypt have an infinite love for life and we hang on to it. When Jews from Egypt made Aliya, some said that it was because they had no money that they went to Israel forgetting the reason for which we had no money or terrestrial goods.

We Jews from Egypt were heavily punished for the birth of our Jewish state, everything we had was confiscated.

Bloc-notes : libérer la France de sa prison intellectuelle - Liberté d'expression

As penniless refugees including myself and family a lot lived through terrible events not receiving any help in their new foreign land. What to say of our dear ones who died before their time because they had lost their roots! Why did my parents die so young or why did so many die of heart failure; why did that brother or cousin become so ill that it was unbearable to go on?

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What to say of those we never saw again?