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Add to Wishlist My Wishlist. Also available in orange. Size Length Waist XS cm 55 66 inch Review your item and get points to shop. Customer Reviews Quality. This skirt and the orange one are my favorite!!

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They are so well made, the fabric is so heavy and warm! I love The way the skirt moves around! I know, I am a thrill seeker that way. I started reading this book and did not put it down until the very end. Definitely, recommend this book for all of you who love to sit at the edge of your chair while reading a book. I am voluntarily reviewing this book.

CopperKnob - Rock Me - Donna Manning & LeAnne Lesmeister (Mar )

I thank the author for sharing a copy with me. Sweetly sexy, heart pounding action, emotionally engaging, fast paced second chance romance. Perfect late night in bed reading that will give you sweet dreams. Summer Michelle is a sexy up and coming rock star in need of protection and Ben Hollander is strong, smart and sexy alpha male bodyguard hired by the studio to protect Summer. Determined never to mix business and pleasure again a lesson Summer taught him he is not so sure he can be her bodyguard again. Sparks fly, attraction is fought, Sweetly sexy, heart pounding action, emotionally engaging, fast paced second chance romance.

Sparks fly, attraction is fought, loved every emotionally gripping twist in this romantic adventure. Looking forward to more Bodyguard Bad Boys. Okay, moving on. What a great second-chance story this turned out to be! Excellent push-pull between Ben and Summer which made their chemistry jump from the pages.

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Copy provided for blog tour review. Let me explain, as that probably makes no sense, as by definition a second chance means there is a breakup, or a near miss, in the past for the couple. Summer and Ben were together, and by being together were breaking the rules. They knew it, and they accepted it. And, then they got caught and Ben was blamed for what happened, he was fired, and he believed Summer was responsible for it all.

But, darn it, when they meet, he still wants her I love that. I love the tension, and the angst that past creates. This didn't disappoint.

Add in that it is written by Carly Phillips and the pacing is strong, overall although a little fast at the end, I think and you like the characters, and the connection and the sex are hot There are a few things I can always count on when I dive into a Carly Phillips novel. Well, once again, Ms.

Phillips delivered! I love the pr 4. I love the premise of her new Bodyguard Bad Boys series, featuring the big, strappingly handsome men of the Alpha Security team. Like what's more tantalizing than cavemen protectors who are tasked with safeguarding beautiful, vibrant women who keep these manly men on their toes? There's the perfect amount of electrifying passion, pulse pounding peril, palpable push-pull, compelling emotional strife and edge of your seat excitement throughout to keep the adrenaline flowing!!!

And holy hotness…. As far as Ben is concerned, Summer had screwed him over once before on a similar job four years earlier and he is NOT about to let her get her hooks into him again. As expected being in such close proximity tests both their self-control to the max. But are Ben and Summer both in it for keeps or will they be forced to go their separate ways once the danger passes? Broody Ben is so yumalicious!!

His smoking hot sex appeal, gruff tenderness and noble heart made me melt into a puddle! And I found Summer to be equally irresistible. Which includes luring her studly bodyguard into her bed!!!! I was also swept up in the emotional depth of this story too. But she is determined to make amends and staying detached from this beautiful, talented, sultry woman is far from easy.

I loved how these two connected not only physically but on a soul-deep level as well!!! Once again Carly Phillip made me weep tears of joy! Received in exchange for a honest review. First the cover is rockin it. Carly Phillips has written one sexy sexy book. You feel for Ben when this begins because he is in a rock and hard place.

His job is bringing him to his past he wants to forget.

Rock Me (One Direction song)

A past that cost him so much but also broke his heart. Now it is front and summer and he is needing to put it behind him and do his job. And his job is to protect the one who caused the upheaval so many years ago. What do I think o Received in exchange for a honest review. What do I think of Ben? He is sexy, smart, witty and kind. He takes his job very seriously and now we see his personal and professional mix. His attraction to Summer is still front and center from the moment he sees her. And boy oh boy does it steam the kindle. Watching him try to fight his attraction is a will just like his of steel.

They so belong together but have an elephant in the room that stops it all. Summer has changed since Ben last saw her. To me she was sweet, beautiful and witty. She cared about those around her and has seen some heartbreak beyond the one with Ben.