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Is that possible? How do you use the facebook pixel at all? If so, how?

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Hey Chris. Check the Facebook article sin this blog. I have a lot of Facebook tutorials covering that. What a terrific post and congratulations for your extraordinary success.

An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care

There are a lot. For this strategy I recommend at least a couple grand to learn and get started. Any domain works. Thank you. They work faster without it but if you want cPanel look for managed hosting instead.

PDF Tacticas Virales Que Funcionan (Spanish Edition)

Looks like they recently deprecated it. However another one I used was Magazinum and that one is still available it seems. I also use keywords to get those high ass paying ads, some of which get up to dollars a click. Hi Ben. Are you subscribed to my list? Thanks for sharing this.

Do you have any tips to get adsense account? My problem is only adsense account for now. Its hard to get in. Please help me. You are already my hero for posting this. I recommend you to get approved with another site first.

You can start using one of the alternatives no. Does this still work in? I see you listed it is still working in but no news on it working recently. Great article Siva…even i get more traffic through my Facebook page, google plus communities and twitter account…really once you have more subscribers you can easily pull up your blog traffic…great post…thank you for sharing…!!! I have around 70, followers in my Facebook page.

Before, about a year ago I had around 40, fans.

Information warfare: feed information with disinformation

Regardless whether that happened because it was election time here in the Philippines. Even with so many engagements, I can only get 5 to 8, visitors a day via Google Analytics. In short, there has been very little conversion of traffic coming to my blog. My traffic was lost drastically even my page likes has gone up, both paid and organic. You need to boost posts a lot more than just once. Boost the ones that are really good so you can send tons of traffic to your site. Facebook is more about paying for traffic with link that go to website than it was years ago.

Is that true? I tried the boost post. It really pissed me off. Im paying them for nothing. I dont get the traffic that I deserve! What the fuck is going on?

The world is getting stupider and stupider as time goes by! Fuck Facebook! Fuck everyone of you! Chill down mate. This strategy is meant to work if you learn the ropes and test a lot. Jheeez Nonoy, be patient, learn from your data, learn from your mistakes, keep working at it and when you find what works, rinse and repeat. Has your site been rejected? Adsense wants sites that are not completely new and with relevant content that looks good. Every time something like that gets shared publicly you get a lot of people who copy it, people attacking your sites and other things.

Hi Servando, I have got little money to invest and I am wondering if there is a minimum investment before it can be profitable? Hi, like your post very much, I have a question for you Is this strategy still works by now? Did you face any legal issue by copying others articles into you blog, is it enough just to put a source to avoid any legal problems?

I doubt anyone can make money from viral websites these days, it is no longer profitable and even big players such as viralnova, distractify and upworthy are losing traffic and revenue day in day out. So I would advise anyone who wants to copy this model to do proper investigation before investing their money and getting burned because I have observed that most tutorials on viral sites never tell a personal success story with examples.

Those huge blogs were hit really bad. Thanks for the insightful post.

20 maneras altamente efectivas de promocionar un producto

I just want to ask if i build a viral site following this method, what are the chances of me being approved by adsense. Currently i do not have an adsensr account.

The chances in that case are low. First build a simple website not viral to get your Adsense account approved, and then you can use it for any website in the future. Hey Servando, great job on these articles. They were a real inspiration when I got going with viral content. I saw your post above saying that one of your best days traffic wise was around 55, views. Split test a lot of ads sizes, positions, colors, etc. I also varied the advert images as well as texts, tried launching ads on different days — basically every thing you can think of, I tried it :D.

Maybe I got on the boat too late? Do you think this technique is now dead? Or am I being too pessimistic! I managed to get some good traffic using this technique last year and still do even now. Just your input would if you have time would be amazing to me. The technique is not dead, but it needs a twist. Basically it needs to be a viral thing within a niche, and not just for everybody like it used to be before.