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  1. The Shadow Society
  2. Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
  3. The Shadow Society Series by Marie Rutkoski
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It has themes related to fantasy, the supernatural, relationships and politics, among others. Currently, the prologue and five chapters are done, included in the demo, with roughly , words. The demo covers around one third or so of the full book.

The Shadow Society

The personality traits you choose for your MC will eventually come to matter in certain circumstances throughout the story, if the percentage is high enough; I plan to make the supporting cast very reactionary to your choices, even further down the line. All of them works for all characters, and you are free to play pretty much any kind of personality type with no hindrance to the romance except the very, very harsh options that will instead lead towards rivalry if you pick enough of them.

A character can become your BFF, and instead of a potential romance scene, you might get a friend scene instead if you are not romancing anyone. Same with rivalry. In other words, you will not miss out on content for not choosing the romance route. There will be multiple possible outcomes, though. Any kind of feedback or constructive criticism is highly appreciated!

In this extended demo, there is an option to escape from the group. Future interactions with them will be longer.

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

In anticipation for the extended demo, I wanted to provide something fun for all of you who are waiting. Thanks for sticking with me! Noticed a bug: when I was asked what my best skill was, I chose intuition, and when I checked my stats I found that combat was raised instead. Did I forget to say it was good? Thanks for pointing that out - it should work properly now.

The Shadow Society Series by Marie Rutkoski

Thank you so much! I enjoyed this a lot!

Folding his arms, she starts tapping his foot. Because you are new, and I would like to clarify, in case it might be adding unecessary work for you to make a new.

The Shadow Society Vines #1

Thank you so much for bringing it up, though! Seems really interesting. Why are there so many scenes in the code by the way?

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Also: I know I ought to be more surprised to see something as illogical as an object appear out of thing air Thing should be thin. Works In Progress.


Carawen June 2, , am 1. EDIT: The original demo has been updated to the extended demo. Future interactions with them will be longer Enjoy the extended demo, everyone! Romantic "rivals" to your RO. The author builds an engaging world, similar to the real Chicago but different enough to tantalize and keep interest high. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.

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